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24. Jan 2018

IANVS: Intel Studio 2018.1 available

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Dear IANVS users,

we have installed the current version of Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition. Starting with this version, we have split up the Intel Studio suite into multiple components:

  • Compilers
  • MKL
  • MPI
  • Debugger
  • DAAL
  • IPP
  • PSTL
  • TBB

You can still load most of the suite at once with the command „ml intel-studio/2018.1.163“. More information is available on the wiki.

In addition, we have made available several new tools:

  • Trace Analyzer and Collector, for understanding MPI application behavior, finding bottlenecks, and improving performance.
  • Inspector, for memory and thread debugging.
  • VTune Amplifier, for profiling
  • Advisor, for vectorization optimization and thread prototyping

As always, please contact us if you have any questions: via e-mailor phone, (0345) 55-21864 or (0345) 55-21861.

Best regards,


Über Patrice Peterson

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