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5. Aug 2019

IANVS: Major filesystem outage (UPDATE: resolved)

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Dear IANVS users,

we are experiencing a major filesystem outage with neither /home nor /scratch being available. We will notify you as soon as we have any updates.


2019-08-05 16:12: We have a number of underlying disk failures on the filesystem nodes. We are currently investigating with the help of the cluster vendor.

2019-08-06 10:49: The filesystem has been brought back online again. We are running sanity checks and will reenable normal operations shortly.

2019-08-06 11:35: No data loss has occurred.

2019-08-06 12:00: We are back online. A postmortem will follow shortly. Unfortunately, all jobs that were running when the outage occurred (2019-08-05 2:17 a.m.) are lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact us if you have any questions: via e-mail or phone, (0345) 55-21864 or (0345) 55-21861.

Best regards,
ITZ HPC team

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